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My love and curiosity for Africa started a long time ago as a child. Like many other children, seeing photos in National Geographic of the wild open plains and big skies over herds of Elephants and Zebras, long necked giraffes, Lion packs and other great features of nature, it all became intriguing. It wouldn't be until later that I would discover more about the vast variety of culture on this grand continent. The beauty was clear to me from the start, but it would be hard to comprehend how many different ways beauty and unique displays of creativity grew here. I am not naive. I know that there is a lot sadness in many parts of Africa and that there are grave problems to be solved, but it is also a place of great magic. it is a place rich in cultural heritage, history,  artwork in an amazing array of colours and patterns, music, dance, and an immense love for their own history. I am deeply inspired by all of it. So I started researching residencies in Africa to go and live within …

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