all the beautiful pink.

I decided to write more about what I am doing within my studio practice since I get so many wonderful inquiries from people that enjoy my work. There is nothing better than receiving little notes about how something I have created, touched someone. It makes all the uncertainty of making a living as an artist worthwhile, knowing that others see and understand the secret language that I speak through my colourful abstract paintings, drawings and textile art. 
As I feel the sweet arrival of spring's possibilities and potential I feel a great sense of inspiration for my colour palettes. I am always a great lover of pink in all of its shades and tones, but I want it to be soft and approachable right now with hints of an explosive pink, a pop of colour that gives you goosebumps and then a touch of a royal shimmer of gold. These colours together with a purity of petal white reminds me of peonies and ranunculus. It reminds me of the blossoming of  trees and flowers, a softness against the concrete slabs of urban landscapes, shimmering and whispering to us all to not be so harsh, to be hopeful for things to come. 
April 23rd is my oldest daughters birthday, Kodie Ingar Skye, she will be 18 years old.  This, of course is important for both of us in so many ways. It marks a transition for us as mother and daughter and a moment of recognition that we made it. I had Kodie very young. I was only 21, living in London with her father  just attempting the beginning of a life as an artist. The thrill of becoming a mother was terrifying and curious, beautiful in its mystery and full of hopeful dreams and wishes. I never imagined we would have to endure the things that we have endured together. A life that started as a small new family, that ended up just being the two of us from early on until her sister arrived ten years later to join us in our adventures around the globe. We navigated our way through challenges together, optimistic at every crucial point. She has been my rock, my love, my best friend and fellow explorer. And now she goes on to move the world in her own way. 
This is what it is all about for me in my work, my life, the movement of things, the landscapes of dreams, love, passion and dedication to making the world a more beautiful place with full and heartfelt dedication to my practice. I could have never done it without my girls standing by me, but for the one who has always been there from the beginning, Kodie these paintings are for you. 


  1. What a beautiful way to share your never-ending love and devotion to all you do; thank you for bringing those girls into our life.. G and G


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