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So, now you know my middle name... I always loved saying that my name sounded like one of a southern bell. I would say that if my mother scolded me to come in from being outside for endless hours she would yell "HEATHER JEANNE!! GET YOUR BUTT INSIDE THIS HOUSE RIGHT NOW!" in some dramatic southern drawl. This of course is not true because I grew up for the most part, an hour and a half north of NYC in the start of the Hudson Valley and my mother is from way upstate, New York. She does not have a southern accent, not even close. 

I titled this blog "Heather Jeanne" because I want to make this informal. I want to share what it is to be me, a modern day woman that still grinds her coffee by hand and refuses to own a microwave, a single mother of two beautiful young ladies, an ambitious artist and designer, a do-er, a maker, a thinker, an emotional basket case, a fashion adorer, a horse lover and a human being that cares about the wellbeing of all the other human beings in the world. 

There is a lot of really great upcoming news for me and my work. I have a collection of artwork becoming available at Kate Spade New York in the next month. I believe there are a few fabric designs as well. I will keep you posted about when these are available, its very, very soon.

I also just came back from Paris, where I went to "design week" and visited Maison et Objet the enormous trade show in Paris for all things home and design. To be honest I was not thrilled with a lot of it, but it had been a while since I was there and wanted to see what was happening. I much preferred the other events during design week, such as Paris Deco Off which was way more exciting and so beautifully done!. Thee were huge lampshades  hanging along the streets of Rue Du Mail, made out of fabric designs from the individual showrooms. This street is concentrated with many of the best textile showrooms  in Paris, including Maison Pierre Frey which was exactly who I wanted to see anyhow. Their showroom was by far, the best on the street. Everything that they produce is just so beautiful, which is why i am very excited that they purchased three work of art to be transformed  into designs for their collection. I really love working on these projects and collaborations, like the design I did for Manta swimwear. its a new way for my artwork to come to life. Textiles takes  on a new dimension from what I create and it just makes it all very exciting. 
Here are some samples of exactly what I mean. 


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